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The First Rule is an exploration of aliens, first contact, and the inevitable conflict that arises. Done entirely in stop-motion animation, the models and sets were constructed out of clay and other household objects.

View The First Rule (Running time: twelve minutes):

Cast and Crew
  • Writer, Director, Producer: Matthew Dockrey
  • Scout, Union Computer: Michelle Hansard
  • Admiral Slan: David Bliss
  • Commander Brike, Neshtith Pilot 2: Matthew Dockrey
  • Bridadier Lam'eta, Neshtith Computer: Audrey M Eschricht
  • Neshtith Officer: Sarah Neilson
  • Neshtith Pilot 1: Marty Smyth
  • Chromakey: David Bliss
  • Greebler Elf: Lee Zeman
  • Spacecraft Models: Matthew Dockrey
  • Alien Models: Michelle Hansard, Audrey M Eschricht
  • Interior Sets: Lee Zeman, Michelle Hansard

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